It is indeed a mystery for the scientists and Scholars as to how plants synthesize comple) molecular structure using natural resources like air, water, sunlight and soil.
Herbal Extract contain thousands of chemical compounds having medicinal value prepared by these plants, which are yet to be discovered by our modern scientists. It is our sincere endeavor to collect these molecules, without affecting inherent vita ingredients, by way of ancient technique of Ayurvedacharya, which are further analyzed b\ today's modern pharmacologist. We are not just extracting we are in fact offering medicines in their natural and virgin form. The simple reason as to why one should opt our products.
  • Herbs, Plants and their parts and extracts pass through rigorous tests; such as Chromatographic finger printing technique viz TLC, HPLC. > Macroscopic analysis by Botanists. > Physiochemical analysis by Chemist. This process enables us to procure superior quality of extraction material.
  • Our Pre-Extraction process removes all unwanted and adulterant matter from the ray material, ensuring cent percent purity of the product.
  • Complete Extraction Technique makes our product more Bioactive. > Our Extraction process is based on traditional knowledge of Ayurveda combined witl latest scientific studies on Indian Medicinal Plants.
  • Our Products are formulation - friendly. > Wide solubility base : whatever it may be - Oil, Alcohol, Water or Tincture. Wide range of form - Dry Powder, Thick Paste, Liq., PG, Granules. > Wide range of Potency and stability - pH, Temp., Stipulated Shelf life. We took forward to rebuild confidence and to meet the growing demand for herbal extracts.
Botanical Name Common Name Use activity Chemical marker
Abies webbiana leaf Talispatra Carminative Alkaloids >0.5%
Abroma augusta root Ulatkambal Uterine tonic Alkaloids 0.15%
Tannins 2.4%-4%
Abrus precatorius seed Gunja Abortifacient Glycosides 15%
Alkaloids 1%
Abutilon indicum seed Kankati Aphrodisiac Glycosides 15%
Acacia arabica bark Babul Astringent Tannins 40%
Acacia catechu Khadir Astringent Tannins 50%
Catechins 20%
Acacia concinna pod Shikakai Detergent Saponins 10%-20%
Achillea millefolium seed Gandana Stimulant Tonic Bitters 3°/a
Achyranthes aspera plant Apamarga Alterative, Diuretic Saponins 3%
Aconitum heterophyllum
Ads Aphrodisiac , Anti periodic, Alkaloids 1%-1.5%
Aconitum spp. root Bachnag Antipyretic Alkaloids 2°/0
Acorus calamus rhizomes Bach Antispasmodic Glycosides 100/0
Aegle marmelos unripe
Bael Haemostatic,
Tannins 5%
Mucilage 10%-15°%
Albizzia lebbeck bark Sins Anti-inflammatory Tannins 15%
Attium cepa bulb Onion Hypolipidemic,
Quercetin 50/0
Allium sativum bulb Garlic Antilipemic,
Allin 0.5%-2.5% by
Aloevera leaf Ghritkumari Polysaccharides,
Anticancer, Purgative
Aloin 1.50/0
Alpinia galanga rhizome Kulanjan In bronchial Catarrhal Shagaol > 4% by
Alstonia scholaris bark Saptaparna Alterative,Stimulant Alkaloids 0.3%
Amomum subulatum seed Badi elaichi Stomachic,
Volatile oil› 1%
Anacyclus pyrethrum
Akarkara Stimulant,
Alkaloids 0.5`)/0
Andrographis paniculata
Kalmegh epatoprotectant,
Anti Viral
> 100/0
Anethum sowa seed Suwa Carminative Vol oil 3%
Aphanamixis rohituka bark Rohitika Astringent Tannins 10%
Apium graveolens seed Ajmod Carminative Vol. Oil 5%
Argyreia speciosa root Samudra palak Alterative, Tonic Resins 4.5%
Asparagus adscendens
Safed mushi Tonic,
Saponins > 10%
Asparagus racemosus
Shatavari root Shatavari Galactagogue,
Saponins > 15%
Asphaltum Shilajit Detoxificant ulvic Acid & TLC for
Asteracantha longifolia
Kuliakhara Anti rheumatic Alkaloids 0.35%
Atropa belladonna leaf Angurshefa Antispasmodic,
0.95% - 1.6%
Atropa belladonna root Angurshefa Antispasmodic,
Alkaloids 3%
Azadirachta indica bark Neem Astringent,
Bitters >1°/0
Azadirachta indica leaf Neem Antidiabetic,
Bitters > 2`)/0
Bacopa monnieri herb Nir brahmi Memory stimulant Bacosides 150/o-500Io Alkaloids < 0.5°/c
Barleria prionitis herb Vajradanti In Glandular Swelling, Toothache Alkaloids 0.5% Tannins 5%
Bauhinia variegata bark Kachnar Alterative, Tonic Tannins 25%
Berberis aristata root Daru haridra Emmenagogue, Cholagogue Berberine > 8%
Bergenia ligulata root Pashanbheda In urinary calculi annins 100/0
Bombax malabaricum gum Mochrus Styptic, Tonic Tannins > 4%
Boerhaavia diffusa root Punarnava Diuretic Alkaloids 0.01%-0.08%
Bosewellia serrata gum Shallaki Anti-arthritic Boswellic acids >60%
Butea frondosa flower Palas Astringent Glycosides > 8%
Caesalpinia bonducella nut Fevernut Antipyretic Bonducin 2.5%
Calendula officinalis flower Gendha Styptic, Astringent Saponins > 15%
Calotropis gigantea root Aak Emetic,Anti periodic Alkaloids 0.3°/0
Camellia sinensis leaf green tea Antioxidant Polyphenol > 55%
Capparis spinosa root Kabra Analgesic , Antirheumatic Glycoside 15%
Cassia angustifolia leaf senna laxative Sennosides 10%
Cassia angustifolia pods senna laxative Sennosides 10%
Cassia fistula fruit amaltus laxative oxymethylanthraquinones > 1%
Cassia occidentalis Fruit Kasondi Purgative Oxymethyl - anthra quinones 1.2%
Colchicum luteum corms Suranjane For gout Alkaloids > 0.5%
Coleus forskohlii root Coleus Camp stimulator,
Forskolin > 2.5°/a,
100/0 - 40% by HPL
Commiphora mukul gum Guggul Antiarthritic,
Guggul Sterones
Commiphora myrrha gum Myrrh Mouth wash,
Organic Acid 5%
Coriandrum sativam seed Dhania Carminative Vol. oil 10/0
Crataeva nurvala bark Varuna Lithotri ptic Saponins > 2.5%
Cucumis sativus seed Khira Diuretic Mucilage 24%
Cuminum cyminum fruit Zeera Carminative,
Vol. oil 1%
Curcuma amada rhizome Amba haldi Carminative,
Vol. oil 1%
Curcuma longa rhizome Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Vol. oil > 100/0
Curcumin 5-10`)/0
Curculigo orchioides root Kali mush Tonic Saponins 200/0
Mucilage 30%
Cynodon dactylon herb Dhub Astringent Tannins 50/0
Alkaloids +ve
Cyperus scariosus root Nagarmotha Intestinal disorders Alkaloids
0.15% - 0.5°A)
DGL Liquorice Anti-ulcer, Antacid Flavones 1%
Glycyrrhizin < 30/0
Dashmool Combination Antirheumatic Tannins 2%
Datura stramonium leaf Dhattura Antispasmodic Alkaloids 0.5% -0.7%
Daucus carota seed Carrot Abortifacient Alkaloids 0.4%
Flavones 50/0
Dolichos biflorus seed Kutthi Diuretic Saponins 200/0
Eclipta alba plant Bhringaraj Anti-hepatotoxic Nor-wedelolactone
> 3%
Elettaria cardamomum seed Choti elaichi Aromatic Volatile oil > 1%
Embelia ribes seed Vidang Anthelmintic Tannins 1%
Embelin 1%
Emblica officinalis fruit Amla Anti-oxidant, Tonic Tannins >200/0
Enicostemma littorale
Mamijava Bitter tonic,
Bitters 4%
Ephedra vulgaris herb Somlata Stimulant Alkaloids 0.2%4).5%
Eucalyptus globulus leaf Nilgiri Muscles toner,
Tannins > 2%
Eugenia jambolana seed Jamun Antidiabetic Saponins > 4%
Evolvulus alsinoides plant Sankhapushpi Memory tonic Bitters > 2.5%
Ferula foetida resin Hing Carminative, Stimulant Vol. oil 1.5%
Ficus bengalensis bark Vat Leukorrhea Tannins > 2 %
Ficus racemosa leaf
Gular Astringent Tannins 5 %
Foeniculum vulgare fruit Saunf Carminative Vol. oil >1%
Fumaria officinalis herb Pit Diuretic, Anthelmintic papara Bitters >1%
Garcinia cambogia rind Vilayti imli Antiobesity HCA 50% by HPLC
Gloriosa superba root,Alkaloids > 0.8%
Kalihari Abortifacient Abortifacient, Cholagogue Alkaloids > 0.8%
Glycyrrhiza glabra root Jethimadhu Expectorant, Diuretic Glycyrrhizin > 15%
Gossypium herbaceum root Kapas/Cotton Emmenagogue,Galactagogue Alkaloids 0.4%
Flavones 1.5°/a
Gymnema sylvestre leaf Gudmar Antidiabetic, Diuretic Gymnemic acids 25% - 75°/0
Hedychium spicatum root Kapoor kachari Carminative Digestive Vol. Oil 2%
Hemidesmus indicus root Anantmul Diaphoretic, Demulcent Saponins 7.5%
Hibiscus rosa sinensis flower Jasund Poultice,Rich in iron Anthraquinones >2%
Holarrhena antidysentericaseed Indrajav Febrifuge Antidysenteric, Alkaloids 3°/0
Holarrhena antidysenterica bark Kurchi Antidysenteric, Anthelmintic Alkaloids >4%
Hyoscyamus niger herb Khorasani, ajowain Antispasmodic ,Sedative Alkaloids 0.28% - 0.3%
Inula racemosa root Pushkarmool Antirheumatic, Inchronic bronchitis Alantolactone 2.5% by HPLC
Lawsonia alba leaf Henna Astringent,Anti-inflammatory Tannins > 5°/0
Leptadenia reticulata herb Jiwanti Spermatogenic, Galactagogue Alkaloids 0.5%
Lobelia nicotianaefolia leaf Lobelia Antispasmodic Alkaloids 0.5%
Mangifera indica bark Mango/Amra Astringent Tannins 20%
Matricaria chamomilla flower Chamomile Antiseptic Vol. Oil 10/0
Mentha spicata herb Pudina Stomachic ,Carminative, Flavones >2%
Mesua ferrea fruit &flower bud Nagkesar Carminative , Astringent Bitters > 2.5'Y°
Momordica charantia fruit Karela Antidiabetic Bitters 2.5% - 10%
Opuntia dillenii herb Vidhara Antispasmodic Tannins 100/0
Operculina turpethum root Nisoth Purgative Resins >100/0
Phoenix dactylifera fruit Khajur Expectorant, tonic Tannins > 1.5 %
Phyllanthus niruri herb Bhuiamla Antihepatotoxic Bitters 2%
Picrorrhiza kurrooa root Kutki Anti-hepatotoxic,
Kutkin 4% - 6%,Bitters 6%
Swertia chirata plant Chireta Anti-diabetic Bitters 4%
Symplocos racemosa bark Lodhra Urinary Tonic Alkaloids 0.5%
Taraxacum officinale herb Kanphul Hepatic stimulant Bitters 2.5% Alkaloids 0.5%
Tecomella undulata bark Ragad Rohida Astringent Tannins 10%
Tephrosia purpurea plant Sarphunkha Antioxidant Rutin 2% » 6% by
Terminalia arjuna bark Arjuna Cardio vascular and Antiarrhythemic Tannins > 25%
support, Arjunic acid > 1%
Terminalia belerica fruit Baheda Detoxificant annins > 10%
Terminalia chebula fruit Harir Detoxificant annins 20% — 40
Tinospora cordifolia root Guduchi Febrifuge Bitters >1.5%
Trachyspermum ammi fruit Ajcwan Carminative Vol. oil 10%
Tribulus terrestris fruit Gokhru Spermatogenic, ,Ovagenesis,
Saponins 20-60%
Trichosanthes dioica leaf Patol patra Anti-diabetic Saponins 10%
Trigonella foenum seeds Methi Antilipemic,
Saponins 15%- /•0°
Trikatu Combination Increases bio
availability of drugs
Vol. oil >1% Piperine >2%
Triphala Combination Detoxificant Tannins >25%
Tylophora indica leaf Antamul Antiasthmatic Alkaloids 0.1%
Valeriana wallichii root Tagar Sedative Valeric acid 0.8%
Viola odorata flower/leaf Gul banafsha Stringent,
Saponins 2.5%
Vitex negundo leaf Nirgundi Vermifuge , Antirheumatic Alkaloids 0.15%
Vitis vinifera fruit/seed Draksha Antioxidant Polyphenols >20
Withania somnifera root Ashwagandha Immunomodulator,Antioxidant Withanolides >2.5°/r
Woodfordia floribunda Dhai-phul For leukorrhea Tannins 7%
Zingiber officinale rhizome Ginger Antiarthritic , Antinauseant HPLC >5%